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Diabetes management in primary care: A new educational hub for GPs who are managing type 2 diabetes

CME erikoistumispisteet

Näiden koulutusten sisältö on Novo Nordiskista riippumattoman sisällöntuottajan tuottamaa. Osa koulutuksista on EACCME-akkreditoituja, joten niitä voidaan lukea hyväksi joidenkin erikoisalojen erikoistumisopinnoissa ja diabeteksen erityispätevyyttä suoritettaessa. Pisteiden kelpoisuus täytyy kuitenkin varmistaa koulutuksesta vastaavalta taholta. Novo Nordisk ei vastaa koulutusten sisällöstä. Osa koulutusten järjestäjistä vaatii luomaan erilliset tunnukset omalle sivustolleen. 

M3 is the world's largest network of doctors with over 6 million members across. M3-owned networks and an additional reach of 1.8 million via Networks in Health, a highly effective international alliance of trusted online healthcare communities in key markets. Our independent medical education is high-quality, evidence-based content designed to positively impact clinical practice and patient outcomes by delivering continuing professional development (CPD) to doctors. Services include conference highlights, round table discussions, modules and disease awareness programmes.


The hub includes a practical guide to treatment, a drug category overview and interactive patient case studies for GPs, as well as a roundtable discussion between two diabetes specialists. Lastly, an article written based on the opinions and advice provided by a select panel of experts, is hosted on the hub where the challenges in the clinical management of type 2 diabetes are discussed.


On the 'Practical guide to treatment ' page, the reader can walk through an interactive algorithm that is based on the most recent national and international guidelines on the management of type 2 diabetes and the associated comorbidities. This allows the GP to think about a holistic approach to patient management.


On the 'Drug category overview' page, the reader can view key points on the efficacy and safety profiles of type 2 diabetes drugs.


The 'interactive patient case studies' follow two patients over a period of 6-10 years where the user is asked to make decisions on managing their condition.


The 'roundtable discussion' is a conversation between Dr Patrick Holmes, a GPwSI in diabetes based in the UK and Dr Marcel Kaiser, an internist and diabetologist from Germany. In the video, the Dr Holmes and Dr Kaiser cover points such as why the role of the primary care physician in the management of type 2 diabetes is more important than ever before.


Made for: Primary Care Physicians


Disease areas: Diabetes


Developed by: M3