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GLP-1RAs: Evidence from the real world

CME erikoistumispisteet

Näiden koulutusten sisältö on Novo Nordiskista riippumattoman sisällöntuottajan tuottamaa. Osa koulutuksista on EACCME-akkreditoituja, joten niitä voidaan lukea hyväksi joidenkin erikoisalojen erikoistumisopinnoissa ja diabeteksen erityispätevyyttä suoritettaessa. Pisteiden kelpoisuus täytyy kuitenkin varmistaa kolutuksesta vastaavalta taholta. Novo Nordisk ei vastaa koulutusten sisällöstä. Osa koulutusten järjestäjistä vaatii luomaan erilliset tunnukset omalle sivustolleen. 

Springer Healthcare IME – in collaboration with our dedicated global network of scientific experts – designs, develops and delivers meaningful education that inspires healthcare professionals to maximize their learning and make measurable change in their own clinical practice. Our approach to thoughtful educational design includes adult learning strategies which ensure that our independent programs are impactful, relevant and engaging. The comprehensive suite of Springer Healthcare IME educational modules is underpinned by scientific integrity, innovative educational solutions, outcomes-driven objectives and our extensive CME heritage.


This multi-faceted program aims to address clinical inertia amongst specialists when treating diabetes and giving them the guidance and confidence, based on real world evidence, to intensify treatment with GLP-1RAs when appropriate.


These independent medical education resources include an on-demand webcast, in which leading experts from different regions present case studies and discuss new and emerging GLP-1RAs usage. The program also includes expert-authored interactive patient case studies, which put into practice real world data, with self-assessment questions. Lastly a freely downloadable Infographic booklet provides a set of key clinical decision making graphics, derived from the ADA/EASD Consensus Report published in Diabetologia journal, in an easy to read format.


Made for: Diabetologists, Endocrinologists


Disease areas: Diabetes


Developed by: Springer